Live Musik

„Wo man singt, da lass‘ Dich nieder, böse Menschen haben keine Lieder“. This German saying literally translates to ‘Where people are singing, you can safely stay, evil people have no songs.’ Accordingly, the brewery is the friendliest place in the world.

We are appointed as a musician-friendly location by the Styrian “Volksliedwerk” (Austrian folk music society) and the Styrian Chamber of Commerce – and rightly so: in our house there’s no week without singing, dancing and laughing.

At our musicians’ regulars, morning pints, dance nights, concerts and matinees for seniors, everyone is welcome to come and play along.

Just stop by and take part!


October 4th, 2018|

IT IS ABOUT THE JOY WE RELY ON OUR MUSIC WITH THE PEOPLE The Edlseer combine tradition and modernism all under one roof. Folk music for the Edlseer especially means music for the people and does not necessarily have to do with traditional instruments. There’s no [...]


October 4th, 2018|

Music is his calling Bernd Kurek is a singer and guitar player, playing the drums with his feet. He is always on the road across Austria. His performances range from weddings, Club & Pubs festivals to balls – he plays wherever he has the ability to inspire people [...]


October 4th, 2018|

Country, Rock und Folk Since 2004, the Buffaloes have delighted fans with their music. Their performance is always a highlight at the Brauhaus. Whether unplugged at the American barbecue, shiny at the Buffaloes Christmas party or at full house at the annual Country Open Air – the [...]

Requests for artists

It’s never silent around the Brauhaus – concerts, brunches, dancing, theater and cabaret evenings. Our guests are always looking for variety and a change to their everyday lives – and we hear their call.

If you want to perform in the brewery as an artist, we want to give you that opportunity. Simply fill in the enquiry form and our event manager will get in touch with you!